Mercedes Benz 300 SE Coupé 1963

Our restoration love story. The Paintshop team restore both a childhood dream and this classic Mercedes 300 SE Coupé from 1963.
Mercedes Benz 300 SE Coupé 1963 by Ian Taylor

This Mercedes 300 SE (W112) was originally purchased new from France in 1963. As a boy our customer lived next door to the owner and had always loved this classic. In time the Mercedes started to deteriorate and so the neighbour put her to rest in a barn.

As the years passed the boy became a man and when the owner finally passed away he persuaded the neighbours’ family to sell him his childhood sweetheart. The joy was overwhelming but sadly when he opened the barn he saw the years of neglect had not been kind. He discovered a non-runner, collapsed suspension and the bodywork was a mess. To make matters worse the coupé had suffered some body damage before storage and it had been crudely painted in what seemed like Hammerite.

With a visit to a Mercedes specialist he had a complete overhaul for all the mechanicals and got her roadworthy again. Then she was brought to us for the paint shop team to restore the rust and damage and then we re-sprayed her in slightly different colours to the new owners choice.

It’s a classic love story; boy meets car, boy falls in love with car, boy grows up to be a man, man reunited with car and they drive off into the sunset. One happy man; one stunningly desirable car.

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