Riley Elf 1967

The paint shop team restores 'Englands pride' to this classic 1967 British super mini which had rust lurking behind every panel.
Riley Elf 1967 by Ian Taylor

The Riley Elf was produced from 1961 - 1967, a British built super mini with a saloon boot and extra refinements not found on the sibling Austin Mini. Today the Riley Elf keeps a soft spot in classic car collectors hearts.

As with all classic cars time takes its toll. We were brought this Riley Elf to restore back to its former glory. This particular super mini was suffering from a nasty case of rust, and it was everywhere.

Ian Taylor Body Repairs took to the task like a duck to water. We had to grind this British classic back to its roots, cure the disease and restore it to the former glory of 1967; for Queen and country!

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